New 2022-2023 Barca kits


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Why would they make the sleeves red?

At least make them all blue.

Don't agree. I like that actually.
There has to be a balance between the red (more like maroon in traditional Barca colorway) and the blue.

The recent trend is the blue overshadowing the red in both shirt and shorts.

But if you take a look at the original kit from the 70s, from which this one is inspired:

There is red on the sleeves l

PS: There are other serious problems with the kit.
The diamond cutting of the stripes is odd, and the white color on the logos and letters is gross

Far cry from the beauty we had this season


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The colours change in every other leak no? Was same last year with the colour of Spotify ranging from yellow to white.
Can even see people wearing fake shirts they have bought based on early leaks, also with Polka sponsor on sleeves we were rumoured to have.

I'll wait with my full judgement until official release. Leaks look OK so far imo, not great, not bad.


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Wasn't too keen on the red sleeves initially but to Birdy's point and looking at how gorgeous Cruyff and Co. were in the 70's donning that classic shirt, it has grown on me and I am liking it more and more.

The subtle diamond shape on our logo doesn't bother me at all.



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I think it's fine having a line/stripe of red on the sleeve like Cryuff's jersey in the 70's

Not a fan though of the red covering the whole sleeve like below. Design wise it looks horrible imo.



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I don't mind the white sponsor prints, but this new La Liga typeface is quite ugly, and it looks worse due to the lack of air holes that were on the previous ones. It just looks cheap.

These two new pictures do make our new home jersey look more like a Levante jersey.


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Design could have been a lot better imo but it's not that bad judging from this mock up image

Reminds me so much of Levante's home jersey.


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