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Yeah that is a shame. Too much young talent to not give them a chance. I think that coincides with what Blue Demon said about players once they hit that full senior/1st choice level, they sort of plateau quickly. Got to really build this next batch of young players.

Well I wouldn't agree with that really, for example GDS has been a constant presence on the first team for many years but he is far from plateauing. I am talking more about players like Torrado, Salcido, etc., although there are some younger ones who shouldn't be there like Zavala. But yes it's vital to build up the talented youngsters, hopefully something will change before the WC.

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We need this guy back or someone else after the Confederations Cup. Chepo is Vergara's boy and should have been Vucetich. Hopefully he won't have bigger say in the next selection process.


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Have to say, I was a bit disappointed with Mexico. Can't remember when they abandoned 3-4-3 but I do recall some nice displays when they played that system.


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First game under Vucetich. Not sure how I feel about him. Still no JDS or Vela :(

but in other news, Marquez is baaackkk!


I can't feel ma face!
After almost four years, Vela returns to the National team! :)

Oh and Dos Santos (Jonathan) returns as well!


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Any1 watched this game?

It was action packed! and what an ending lol

I liked that Lozano guy. He came in late as a sub. Dude's got pace!

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