Mbappe vs Haaland

Who would you rather sign for Barca?

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With both having been rumoured to Barca lately (but in reality probably none arriving). And after seeing the BF poll on Dembele vs Mbappe (which Dembele won by around 67%) it'd be interesting to see whom of the next generational talents people would rather sign for Barca.


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Difficult to say, Mbappe is better allround player, good dribbling, good passing, good finishing. Haaland has an excellent finishing and is a guarantee for goals if you create him chances. All in all i would prefer Mbappe though as Haaland's injuries this season give me Ansu/Dembele vibes.


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Whenever I have caught glimpses of Haaland he has been spectacular.. I cannot recall seeing anyone as explosive with as much skill and determination


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Always Mbappe for me. Better all-around player, proven at the top and closer to Barca style.

On personality alone - neither.
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Messigician 01:26 PM Today
🚨🚨[ @Alfremartinezz🥇] | Barcelona are NOT trying to make a move for Kylian Mbappe. Stop trying to generate clicks from desperate Barca fans

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