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Yeah if we ever get him back he'll have to mature past the gloating. He's obviously sour how Xavi fucked him and Barca over but must realize he wouldn't been given the freedom to develop if stayed here with gimpball. Patience especially in the face of discrimination is never easy for young elite players.


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In his head, the opponent was Real Madrid, the stadium was Bernabeu, it was the away leg of the Copa del Rey Semi and he just took the ball past Rudiger and Alaba, before slotting it past Courtois.

Let the man dream. Let the man celebrate that dream.

Hell, let's celebrate it with him.


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lol this is the spoilt fangirl mentality of most users here: since he isn't playing on the greatest stage right now, he should not celebrate? Because he is a bit forgotten in the mind of these mediocre football forum users?
Celebrating is only for the .000001 performers in the world? If it applies to other areas as well, then stronger feelings should maybe be prohibited for most users of this forum, they should be very calm and quiet...

He just decided the derby with a brilliant goal, and celebrated in a fun way towards the away stand full of fans. I celebrate if I decide a tough game, even if there are no fans at all, the goal is mediocre, and it is not in a derby.

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