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It's time this kid gets a thread. He was on US Tour in summer, started season well playing for both Barca Atletic and also Juvenil A in UYCL and now Xavi has choosen him as emergency RB so he's training with the team and is on the verge of making his first team debut, maybe tomorrow in Mallorca.

I think he has skill set to do what Xavi wants from his RBs so will be interesting to see how he'll do if given a chance. Wouldn't mind if we could turn him into next Roberto. I like the kid and versatility would clearly improve his chances to stay here.



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I really like this player, and out of the dmc that have came through before (Jandro, Alvaro Sanz, Monchu) I think he is better. So he might reach LaLiga level.

Lacks height and physically, though as I have stated before, he is deceptively fast with good acceleration. So I can see why Xavi gave him pre-season minutes as one of his possession fullbacks.

Would love for him to emerge over the next season or two at defensive midfield though, because lets face it, Zubimendi is not that great. Certainly not 60m+ great.


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Marc Casad?: "I try to pay special attention to Busquets' movements on the pitch."

oh no, better not


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He looks very tidy in his distribution. Could probably be used to relieve Busquets/Frenkie in easier games if needed. Long term hard to say if he's got the stuff.


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He's not called up against Mallorca so there's that.

Played full 90 minutes for BA on Sunday so not really surprising. Would expect Xavi to keep him in first team dynamic now with FDJ and Pedri both out longterm. Maybe he will and just wanted him to get some minutes before he gets a chance in the first team.

Either way wouldn't expect him to play against Mallorca away (unless we'd be up by 3-4 goals). Tbh don't see him playing against Sevilla or Porto either but I guess we'll see.


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Don't think Casado is good enough tbh.
Doubt Xavi will use him with Frenkie injury.
Pedri is returning soon, Gundogan, Gavi , Romeu are there.
Felix, Cancelo can fill some of the midfield holes when needed.
Would take Moukhliss or Garrido over him for midfield


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Just sell him off to a good league where he can develop and keep 50% of value.

That seems to be the way Barca are going with players that reach a certain age and too good for second string and not ready for first team.

Garrido should be the same.. 3-5m and 50% future fee for these lads ticks all the boxes.


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I'd sell Casado in January market if possible. Type of deal that JamDav outlined.

Don't know if it's by coincidence or by design, but two Athletic first team players went to Serie B to mixed success so far. So there's another avenue.

Keep Garrido for the season at B to try and get a promotion push as the best midfield pairing so far has been Garrido-Moha.

Then at DMC focus on developing Bernal with Prim as understudy when needing rest.

Best midfield trio is probably Casado-Moha-Garrido but Bernal has looked excellent every game and has way more upside/potential (that old cliche).

This season has been the first that I actually appreciated Garrido game too (and not just because of that cracking goal the other week).

Casado in first team? Will be way behind Oriol in Xavi's eyes. May very well be a better RB than current day Bob though :lol: :(

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