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Manuel Neuer (24) is Germany's no.1 and Schalke's goalkeeper.


He was born in Gelsenkirchen and played for Schalke since he was a kid. Arguably, one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Had some amazing saves this vs. Hapoel.

His contract runs out in 18 months.


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Man Utd are likely to be interested, but are rumoured to have started talks with De Gea. (two 9 million installments.)

I can see him at Chelsea, Bayern or United.

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bayern seems committed to neuer. even when adler was germans no 1, they apparently didnt bother going for him but neuer instead. adler also seems to favor man utd as longterm objective. neuer was connected to bayern already, but is in fact a childhood schalke supporter and now the captain. you still dpnt know what could happen if schalke misses to qualify for the eurocup, which seems likely atm


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If I was AC Milan I'd snap up Neuer if I could.

They need a young, top class GK and they should target him.


this summer bayern said they will bring new goalkeeper and they were choosing between Neuer and Handanović (Slovenian goalkeeper, playing for Udinese - Serie A). At the end they chose noone...
Its better to bring De Gea I think...

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He oozes so much confidence, looking at him in the penalties he looked huge and you just knew he was going to be saving a few.
Wow! just WOW! WHAT A PERFORMANCE! :worthy:

He was a real hero tonight. His confidence, bravery and reflexes absolutely helped his team overcome the stubbornness of Madrid.

Sometimes, I can't really help imagining what Barcelona would be like with Neuer in the goal! :shakeshead:
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I actually thought Casillas was the better keeper of the night. Saved 2 penalties like Neuer. Got a hand to Robben's one as well and made some other crucial saves (Robben freekick). Neuer looked quite shaky at the start of the game. But nevertheless: best keeper in the world. :worthy:


He has at least 15 more years in him, cant imagine him in 3-4 years after getting some CL exp...

Epic guy :worthy:

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