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His long-term success is partially to blame for Man U's stubbornness in holding on to managers beyond their expiration date. The idea or hope that if SAF could do it, so can the next manager... seems deeply engrained in club DNA and fans alike. All it takes is time, support, and patience and the past will eventually replicate itself. Fortunately for SAF, and unfortunately for the managers who came after him, not only is the EPL wealthier and more competitive than ever before with excellent foreign managers influencing its success, but football has also evolved since SAF retired. So when fans look back and compare current MAN U with past dominance and success, it makes a great manager look even greater and good managers look even worse.

With that said, for me, he was an excellent manager who managed to establish long-term consistency and dominance in the league without necessarily even having the best players at his disposal. For example, the squad that Moyes inherited wasn't an exceptional one; yet SAF managed to win the league in his last season (I believe?). And at that level, in which expectations are huge, consistency is everything. Without it, clubs like Chelsea and Man U end up fighting for 12th and 6th place, respectively, despite having invested fortunes. And for that, SAF stands out.

So I would place him in the same league as Pep and Klopp, for sure, despite the landscape of the EPL having changed a lot since his retirement. I think he would still do very well, but I don't think he would necessarily dominate the way he did. The league is simply too competitive today.


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From redcafe:
"Onana, Mainoo, Garnacho, Mount and Hojlund are a decent base to rebuild this team, once we get the brain dead out the club. Martinez and Shaw, too, if they ever get off the physio table."

That's a terrible base to rebuild your team around :lol: More than a billion spend and the best you have are the likes of Mount? :lol: Only one with real prospect is Mainoo if you ask me.


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Lol it really is a terrible base.

Garnacho think he's something special, but he's not
Hojlund is solid.

The only players there worth talking about is Martinez and Mainoo.

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