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Like you mentioned, other clubs such as Bayern, also I'd add Madrid have been able to keep their wages reasonable despite having different managers.

Pep will be gone from City one day, I don't think their wage bill will just skyrocket afterwards and they lose control. If the management does things right like City, Bayern, Madrid and practically everybody else except us, United and PSG (aka the three loonies), it can happen.

Of course, every club has a slightly different approach. For Bayern, they have a firm grip on the region there. Poland, Germany, the central Europe and Northern part is very keen on Bayern Munich, they are like the biggest club in the region.

Madrid is kind of self explanatory, it's a honor to play for that club, and they do not hesitate at all to position the club first. They actually sold one of their greatest player ever arguably without flinching when he asked for more money, the message was clear and decisive. Barca are a sentimentalist club by comparison. They are weak-minded in relation to their best players and their legends, and that is why the club is easily taken advantage of.
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Jamie, by 2024-2025 or so, the first 11 will probably have to look a bit like this.


RB - Araujo - Kounde - Balde

AM - DM/De Jong - Pedri/Gavi

RW/Raphinha - ST - LW

You do the math on the funds required to build it. Lets say on 1-2 positons (on top of Balde, Araujo and Pedri/Gavi positions which are already projections) we will find some cheaper options, we discover some players, or some of the existing players will have a great development.

You still are left with 3-4 key positions needing top class signings. One of which is the 9 position where the good players usually go for nearly 100m.

Most of the players we have, even if they are ok players, like Dembele, Christensen, Ferran, Fati, are not first 11 quality and will probably never be.

I'm talking here about competing for the CL with the top 3-4 teams, not just doing well in La Liga. As you can see, we're already doing nicely in La Liga as it is. That next step, from La Liga contender to CL contender is a mighty big one, everyone should realize that.

No matter your hate for Xavi, these are the facts of the situation we find ourselves in.
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Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has been in talks with Saudi Pro League clubs since May, with the club allowing him to leave. (Fabrizio Romano)

So they're going with Ortega as 1st keeper? Would people put him in top 10 GKs in the world?
Crazy scouting if they sign a 30 year old from Bundesliga on a free transfer who then becomes their first keeper in 2 years.


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City can push tattoo wielded badboy Ederson to Saudi but we can't push doughboy Steg there.

Manchester must really suck.

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