Luuk De Jong


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As per Fabrizio negotiations are progressing fast for us to sign Luuk De Jong.


The 31 year old Dutch striker was very successful with PSV in the Eredivisie, scoring 28 goals in the 18/19 season, but after his move to Sevilla hasn't had a good patch of form in his 2 years in LaLiga. He has 19 goals in all appearances for Sevilla (94) and has only scored 10 times in his last 70 appearances.


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It is an absolute embarrassment to sign likes of Luuk De Jong.

Laporta has no plan or clue.

More evident by the day.


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We've got De Jong, Super Luuk De Jong
I just don't think you understand
he's Ronald Koeman's man, he's better than Haaland
we've got super Luuk De Jong

I want to kill myself


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That feeling when you cleared out Messi, Griezmann, Trincao and Suarez from your Frontline over the past 2 years only to bring in someone worse than Rey Manaj.


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Memphis and Frenkie are the best-performing players at the club currently. I'd like to welcome more Dutch players at the club as they have a history of being great for Barca, but Luuk De Jong is none of them.


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He proved he is Blaugrana 100% when he missed all of his 15 chances in Sevilla's 4-0 loss in 2019.


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Boateng - Braithwaite - Luuk De Jong

I can't wait to see what mediocre striker they'll find next. Say what you want, but at least the club can always come up with some unexpected signings.

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