Luis Suárez


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Now Diego Costa is gone so Suarez will start every game. Atleti will win La Liga, Luisito will be a top-scorer and CL.... Remains to be seen.


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Not saying he shouldn't have left, but pushing him out without a replacement nor vision was not the smartest idea. Would've won us ton of so called minor games. We're doing no good long term by playing Martin instead.

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Anyone with even a bit of common sense knew this was exactly how it was going to end. Suarez scored 16 and assisted 8 in 22 starts last season for Barca. Barca finished 12 points above Atletico. You take that contribution away and give it to Atletico for Suarez to turn a couple of Atletico's classic 0-0s into 1-0s and Atletico finishes above Barca.

I did a 100 EUR bet with someone on this forum on exactly this matter (Atletico finishing above Barca with Suarez), that's how obvious this scenario was.

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