Lliga | Round 9: FC Barcelona - Sevilla FC 4-2


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La Liga Round 9

Saturday 20 October, 20:45 CET




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If somehow Barça does not win this EV should be fired immediately cause the damage he will make in games with Inter and RM this month might be unrepairable.


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Was thinking of heading to this game, but the prices are quite steep, and all for EV's shit show. Congratulates Valverde, you've made even the most die hard Barca fans count pennies when it comes to spending on tickets.


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I have no idea what to expect from Barca for this game.

It will be good to have Roberto back in the starting lineup. I would not be surprised if Valverde played the same lineup for the 3 next games:
Ter Stegen
Roberto Pique Vermaelen Alba
Busquets Rakitic
Messi Suarez Coutinho

No subs in any game prior to the 80 minute mark. Possibly Vermaelen/Lenglet will rotate, Valverde seems unsure about his preference.

Since most of this gala 11 has had to play heavy minutes over the international break, with big travel, I expect their performances to deteriorate as they tire over the next three tough games. At least they are all home games.


I don't think Roberto will walk straight back into the starting lineup.

I think we'll see the following rotations over the next 3 games:
Roberto / Semedo
Vermaelen /Lenglet

Maybe Vidal, Rafinha and Malcom will get some minutes.

Aleñá, Denis and Munir won't play at all.


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I agree, Vidal has to start more games. Even if the team is not quite as good with him out there, the players in front of him must be rotated. The guy continues to carry the load for Chile, and he has played at a very high level for all his prior teams. Roberto should not be getting midfield playing time in front of Vidal, not because he is terrible, but because you must use a talent like Vidal. Vidal has to start against either Sevilla or Inter Milan.

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