Lliga | Round 38: FC Barcelona - Eibar 4-2


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Glad we turned the game around. Whatever happened Lucho deserved to leave Camp Nou with a win.

Crowd was great :)


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Can't wait to see whp will Barça buy. As it seems Valverde will be next manager. But who wičl come to sub half of this shity players Lucho piled.


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Embarassing game to end a disappointing season. I don`t care about CdR. Hope to see something completely different next season.


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Alba didn´t dive lol.

Correct! :lol:

It's not his fault that he has a wooden leg. Ok, he complains about attempted murder right after he falls, but that's because it's too embarrassing, and he has an ego. I mean, that sort of clumsiness makes Jar Jar Binks look like Ronaldinho (wait, Jar Jar Binks does kind of look like Ronaldinho in some other way... well... whatever...). In fact, I was expecting something like that when I saw that he had a good position to shoot... with his right foot. C'mon, we've seen him shoot like a 2 year old baby with his right foot, it's not like it was a big surprise. To us. Maybe the referee didn't know that Alba has a left foot and something resembling a leg on the right side that helps him with stability and little else. The referee, obviously, didn't see the penalty. He just tried to reconstruct the events, having in mind that Alba is a footballer that plays for a world class team, and just couldn't believe that Alba fell because of some quantum fluctuation.


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I hate diving. Wish players would reject the penalty shen its so blatant as Alba's dive for example.
Imagine if we had won la liga like this. I would be ashamed about it.


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Less said about our league season the better. We have been poor and even then we took Real down to the final day. Hopefully we can add some silverware with the CDR.

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