Lliga | Round 37: FC Barcelona - Getafe 2-0


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Now watch us protect the 1-0 lead for the rest of the match

Valverde after game speech: "gr8 game guyz!"

just fuck off


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This game sums up our club at the moment.
Clown manager saying he is still strong, while his underpants are still on the dryer after all the turd he put in them at Anfield. Board and retard Bartomeu supporting him. Clown fans whistling only Coutinho, while the rest of the team who got shat on in the Anfield gets a pass, including the clown manager. The mentality of the team in the game absolutely pathetic. You get a pass after you disgraced the club and you pay that back with a bleak passionless display.
Nothing will change. Next season we`ll see more of the same shit from the board, possibly with the same clown manager.



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So no booing from the crowd? Not even the ultras? Amazing. Can’t wait for a 3-peat of remontadas. Maybe this time it’ll be RM
Thought bartomeu let the Boixos Nois back in?

That was Sandro Rossell. The day that scumbag piece of shit was allowed in to Barcelona was a bad day. The rot began under his stewardship. His little puppet fuckwit Bartomeu has a smiley face but he is pure Rossell when it comes to his values at Barca.

And so in the meanwhile Man City are winning everything in England with Joan Laporte’s management team (and of course Pep) and we are stuck with no-nothing mediocrities like Bartomeu, and Ernesto fucking Valverde.

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