Lliga | Round 36: Real Betis - FC Barcelona 0-2

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Should be our easiest game left. Don't really have anything to fight for unlike Asspanyol and Granada who are currently a point off of relegation.
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Montoya better not remember he was once called "the new Alves". He can do that after the game against us. :coffee:


Never an easy game away against Betis. Also, just because they don't have anything to play for doesn't mean they won't be motivated. If I remember correctly motivation bonuses are still allowed in Spain so both Real & Atlético might offer them something if they manage to get a draw/win.


...Anybody watch them play against seville...I know they lost 2-0 but were they any good...Anyway the home team always play twice as good at home that's the way I see it...Let's hope they have an off game...


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Long wait until this one. We're so used to watching Barca every 3 days that when we are back to normal one match per week it feels forever.


Any injuries/suspensions on their side?
The official list should come in a few days. But afaik Juan Vargas (lb) is injured and some dude named Piccini (a rb) are injured.

Edit: seems like there aren't any suspensions. They have atleast 3 players on 4 YC (Pezzella - cb , Westermann - cb, Cejudo - W)

Edit 2: For the ones who are interested, than: http://www.rfef.es/sanciones is the list of suspensions. (Futbol Masculino; Primera Division; Jornada (no of the game - 35 was last). The files name is something with Acuerdos. Seems weird that they don't have the consistency to give the file a "default name with the matchday nr"... But it's the file that has Acuderos in its name.
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Going to be a long week before we get to the game, especially in some of the player threads cough*neymar*cough :lol:
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