Lliga | Round 35: FC Barcelona - Sporting de Gijón 6-0

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We steaming in the right direction! 2 straight blow outs and clean sheets!

3 games to go. We have a good record away in Betis over the years. One at a time!


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We played poorly in the 1st half, with sporting getting close to equalizing. I'd not be that optimistic yet.

6-0 is a very misleading scoreline for what happened tonight


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First half was sloppy and dismal. Second half was much better :) Got the three points which is the main thing, with a hammering to boot. 3 wins to go for the title :)


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First half was poor indeed eventhough we deserved to score more. I would never have guessed we'd end up scoring 6 :)


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Good for the teams' confidence.
I was very worried in the 1st half but it all ended well.
Cmon guys stay strong, just 3 games left. We can do it!


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It's quite obvious that both, the 6-0 and the 8-0 are flattering and didn't really reflect how the games played out. In this game, we were so poor in the first half against a weak Sporting at the Camp; with some questionable calls, loads of penalties and a couple of good moves, we got a massive win. The team is still playing quite poorly, and if we were to come up against a big team right now, I wouldn't fancy our odds.

HOWEVER, we do not have to face any big team now - all we need is results and inflated scorelines like this - though they may hide cracks, they do boost confidence, which is all we really need going into the last 3 games. Whatever cracks are there should then be addressed over the off season.


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Also let's not forget one week of rest for the players between every game from now on ^^b
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one week of watching movies and eating pasta... i'm not very certain about the odds...

but whatever just enjoy the pasta guys lmao.Im confident we'll get a double!
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