Lliga | Round 34: Deportivo - FC Barcelona 2-4


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Lol..watching us get pushed around by super depor..already relegated..this season cant finish soon enough.

Really expected more with all the space depor is giving us..

Lol..we are pulling a roma, there is no way depor scored a 3rd..oh wait..


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Lol, are we going to lose our unbeaten record against Deportivo that is one draw or loss away from relegation?
No worries. Messi saves the day yet again.
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Alba fucking all over the place defensively again and Umtiti is a good penalty box defender but shite when asked to come out and track runners.

Deportivo targeting those two all half as a lot have done in last few months.


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As long as Valverde is still here, we will continue this rut.

Come on Deportivo scores one more to break this useless charade of Valverde’s. Just one more.


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Soon as we press teams they panic. Just a shame we spend 65% of the game on the back foot this season.


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Why is that neither Coutinho or Dembele can play 90 minutes?

Gonna need an explanation for that.
AT 2-1 and 2-2, shades of Roma all over again against a relegation bound Deportivo.

Needed 30-31 Messi to save the day again.


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Lots of gorgeous offensive play. Mainly by Barca, also a fair amount by Deportivo. The Barca defense seems worn out for the rest of season, outscoring the opponents will be necessary. And doable, the offense is scintillating these days.

Wrapping up Liga with three games to spare, great work.


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Made that a harder win than it should have been but got it done in the end and deserved champions again. Now for the clasico and the Madrid guard of honour.


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a just game to wrap up the title, it basically epitomized this season under EV. started off well, shit ourselves and let them back in the match. on the ropes and then GOAT steps up to save the day

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