Lliga | Round 32: FC Barcelona - Real Sociedad 3-2


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We really need to stop hyping mediocre players just because of La Masia.

Denis isnt even from La Masia and i'd rather start pushing these La masia talents like Palencia into the first team to see what they have to offer instead of just blowing them away and signing some average portuguese player for millions who turns out to be a huge flop. Already made these mistakes with Grimaldo and Munir/Sandro.


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Since the league and the CL are already over, it feels good to be able to just laugh at our pathetic defending instead of getting angry about it.


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Very frustrating, our midfield doesn't exist at all. In next transfer window we need to get world class RB and 2 central midfielders. Rakitic, Iniesta and Roberto can be solid backups for these positions. Gomes is just below average, his first touch just hurts my eyes every time.


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I have no doubts anymore - Andre Gomes is the worst signing F.C. Barcelona made this century. Whoever adviced the club to sign him should be fired immediately. I can only imagine Aleix Vidal being fit and playing as right full back and our own humble talent Sergi Roberto pulling the strings in midfield instead of that Portuguese piece of wood. :angry:


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Again Messi has to go back for ball. Build up. Assist. Score. What else? Sell penauts in 56.row of the stadium? I am so frustrated watching him dying on the pitch...


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Wtf is this shit..no intensity, huge spaces everywhere...

We are behaving like a team with no objective..lucho clearly lost the team

Also i dont see Unzue as a solution, this team needs a shockingly fresh start
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Being outplayed by sociedad at home... Their record at camp nou is pitiful. So is our current team, though.

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