Lliga | Round 31: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid 1-2

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"Cristiano recovered more balls (5) in the Clasico than Messi, Suarez & Neymar combined!
BBC registered nearly twice the number of shots as the MSN (13 vs 7) & recovered double the amount of balls (8 vs 4) in the Clasico.

MSN lost the ball 54 times & the BBC only 38. "

So you come here to brag eh :pep:


i still can't believe we lost... that was one of the worst madrid sides in a clasico as far as i remember and we still could not beat them..


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I m sick of people saying that the referees are always in favour of us in El Classicos. Can someone point out decisions taken against barcelona in recent el classicos?

Pepe Silvia

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Barca is a very unbalanced team. Great forwards and decent midfielders, but the defense is not at par with the rest. Danny Alves is a big flaw back there and today, as usual, he was beaten on their first goal's header assist. Mascherano is limited as a defender and too short to compete with most tall offensive lines. Pique excels only at clearing the ball out with headers (albeit, once in a while scoring) but he's useless on the opposition counter attacks. He, Masch and Alves form a Swiss cheese defensive line full of holes. Madrid's players had no problem getting by them; it's really pitiful that they still keep using Alves, he's does not belong in a team of Barca's stature at all. Alba is the only better player back there. You imagine what this defense would do against MSN if that match was possible? I've always been worried of the moment when Barca would be facing reality because I see the potential problems that are there waiting to happen and Heavens know why they haven't happened earlier.
Terrible analysis...


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How the hell do you think they would look against Marcelo/Ronaldo/Benzema/Bale when 3 or 4 players don't defend for shit?

The number of times they were left on an island all alone against them was criminal. No protection from the mid/attack whatsoever. Only Rakitic and Busquets put on shifts until their legs fell of for having to cover so much ground because neither Neymar, nor Messi, nor Suarez tracked back. This was exactly like the game at Bernabeu only in reverse.

Pique stopped 3 or 4 chances of Madrid's chances. Have you even watched the game? Can only clear the ball out with headers? Haven't seen so much nonsense in a good while.

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If I was o list the number of games we have historically lost because of Pique and Alves not being able to stop s..t you'd be surprised, guy.
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