LLiga: Celta Vigo - FC Barcelona 0-1


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It wasn't bad second half, only first...but win is the most important thing in this stages.


Not surprised to see the pessimism on here, seems like a tradition on this forum now.

We played poorly and still got three points after an international break in a tough away game. That's how you win titles. Obviously the team will be completely different for the PSG game.


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Considering this was after the international break (which has always been a major issue for us) we can be very happy with the three points.

Our midfield has been underwhelming for quite some time now, but we more often than not are able to make amends with our beastly CB duo! I never expected to say something like that about Barca for a very long time!

The other major issue I have with our team, has to do with all 3 of our star forwards. Neymar seems to be the one singled out on this forum, but from what I have been observing, all 3 of them are responsible for horrible misses in the past month or so...


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What actually surprises me is the ones who say " This is not the Guardiola era anymore" and then whine because of Enrique's adjustments.

This is the new face of Barca version 14/15 and I am quite confident that if Xavi, Pedro and Alves don't leave this summer, we could substantially progress.


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A few things:
Messi should not have played, he clearly was not fit. He could not really run. Is there something wrong with Busquets, too, or is he just not running well these days?
Great free kick by Xavi that resulted in the goal.
That was a very accurate little throw of that piece of turf to hit Busquets, especially from someone who plays a game where you can't use your hands.
Neymar is not going through his best period right now, but I liked his aggression. The defenders union is going to remember that snot rocket Neymar blasted onto the defender's leg.


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These were the kind of games we usually lost after a brainfart from one of our defenders. Now we won the game with a set-piece.
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Just be happy we got out of there with a win. It was poor, undoubtedly, but Neymar's goal is ruled onside and we mightn't be so worried. That said, Messi's finish at the end was symptomatic of us lately; finishing has been terrible. Badly need Neymar to score against Almeria to get things ticking again. But yeah, if this match showed us anything, it bonked us on the head with what we've seen with a while - the guys in midfield aren't cutting it. Xavi in 10 minutes did more than Raf in his whole timespan.




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im jst glad we won. couldnt agree more with our performance. but our defense i think were the most entertaining.
next game at home. :barca scarf:


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With time passing and the frustration of that poor display fading away, i'm now just super exited we got the 3points from what could have been a banana peel!

Visca Barça, y a ganarlo todo! :)


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A very poor first half outside of a short 5-10 minute span where the team performed reasonably well. The second half was better but nothing extraordinary. Obviously it was one of the more mediocre performances from the team this season and especially since the defeat at Anoeta.

Suárez had a very bad game while Messi was clearly not 100% fit following his injury. Neymar was abysmal in the first half but improved significantly in the second half and I think that he was the biggest danger for our opponents in the second half. So I don't understand the harsh criticism of him when he performed better than Suárez and Messi overall.

My man of the match has to be Piqué though. Arguably the best central defender in the world currently. Marlboro Mathieu performed well too and scored once again. Talk about impact.

Adriano and Iniesta were abysmal. Adriano has to be the dumbest player in our squad in terms of football intelligence. I can't remember how many times I noticed silly positional mistakes. He added almost nothing offensively either. You know that you are playing bad if the current version of Alves is 2 times as successful/useful when attacking.

Anyway we would have lost or drawn under such circumstances last season. It's very encouraging that the team is able to win despite playing below par.

So although I did not enjoy our performance it is hard to be too critical. As Lucho rightly said then you can't play well every single time.

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