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We are Arsenal of 05-14 that's how I can sum it up. A purist team who focus more on playing good football than winning.


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You're nothing like Arsenal 05/14 mate. Wenger didn't squander hundreds of millions on dross. And Arsenal were very much paying for a state-of-the-art stadium which is now rendering them a great revenue source and is practically entirely paid for.

If I were Fenway Sports or the transfer committee I would not trust Rodgers with a penny. All the signings he pushes for tend to be horrendous. What man, after bringing in Champions League football to Anfield and selling Suarez, brings in Adam Lallana as his marquee signing for £25 million and 80k/week? Anything above £7 million for the guy is daylight robbery...


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"Rodgers promises Prem challenge in '15-16"

Sure thing mate. If you can actually make the top 3 that'd be a good achievement.

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