Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

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I doubt Gerard Romero has any inside information or a source within Messi's family/environment.


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Messi won't touch Barca as long as laporta is here.
And rightly so. Leaving was the best thing he did for himself. H wouldn't have won the world cup, if he has stayed.
Also, led us to at least try to move on.
Like I said before, he should have left after Anfield. That hard carrying session during that season must have left marks on his back.


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Wonder if he?ll wait until the Cl ro16 tie has unfolded before deciding. Because last year he was getting booed by the Parisians after their elimination.


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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">(&#55356;&#57109;) JUST IN: Messi *wants* to stay at PSG and his renewal is still close. The idea of all parties remain the same. <a href="">@FabrizioRomano</a> <a href="">#Transfers</a> &#55356;&#56806;&#55356;&#56823;&#55357;&#56628;&#55357;&#56629;&#55357;&#57000; <a href=""></a></p>— Reshad Rahman ✆ (@ReshadRahman_) <a href="">January 23, 2023</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>


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I'm really hoping he goes to the MLS for a few seasons and then during their off-season, he can return to Barca for a few months for the send off our GOAT deserves before finally retiring.

Returning to Barca now makes no sense for either party


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Last Dance with Ney and Messi would be dope but Tebass will call the cops for noise disturbance

That Romero guy should be humiliated publicly for making fake news 24/7 every transfer period

15 min in a public toilet with Dani Prison Tatts L-ves and he'll never fake news again :surrender:


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🚨🗣️ gastonedul: ?Messi?s departure from Bar?a was a very hard situation for him ? he is still upset with the club?s board?


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🚨🎖️| Messi loves the club, but many steps need to be taken in order to repair his relationship with the board. His exit in 2021 was a painful blow and overcoming this matter isn?t easy. [@Benayadachraf]
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