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Why is Messi powerless to push his coplayers into better performance? He is GOAT, he must have seen where lays the problem in our game or what some coplyer needs 2 do 2 get better results... to turn the tide when shit hit the fan! "Get your shit together, madafakaz!"

I remember whenever I played any sport the best player (captain) always screamed on us to outperform... Puyol always screamed on coplayers when they lost focus...

Captains are 4 that-remember Maldini, Ferdinand, Keane, Vidić, Zanetti... Mihajlović was never captain but yelled and made hairdryer effect on comrads all the time, they were scared shitless of him.

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It's the board who decides who coaches the team, not the players. The players can't publically criticize the coach, it would lead to chaos.
He doesn't need to shout if they respect & love him... Xavi had authority with shere presence... but he needs to find the way to influence on them to perform. When captain says "jump" you start jumping like fuckin' grasshopper!


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People only realise how good they had it until that person has gone. It's a shame that Messi will only truly be appreciated when he is not here.

What's even more shameful is it is not like we have not been warned. Madrid fans were the same with Ron when Ron was there. Although for me most of Madrids demise is due to the introduction of VAR , they obviously miss CR7 as well

Madrid were mostly poor domestically with Ronaldo, they just had insane luck in Europe and to be fair Ronaldo came up with some great performances in CL knockouts (it was others who stepped up in finals). Marcelo, Ramos, Kroos and Modric all among the best in their position, if not the best, and now all past it. They'll have more success now domestically now that Barca are hitting a sharp decline. Mou will come in soon and win them trophies while Barca sleepwalk to disaster with the fraud until finally forced to replace him with some other muppet who gets the Messi seal of approval.

While Ronaldo's poor domestic record was critiqued the same has happened with Messi in Europe. One final since 2011 and he's almost certainly won his last CL and therefore won't win another ballon d'or., while Ronaldo will smash the international goalscoring record to further cement his legacy. Messi has more failures to look forward to. Might win a CL with Juventus, therefore another ballon d'or, and can win more trophies with Portugal now that they've got great players alongside him.

I do feel sorry for Messi in that nothing is going right for him anymore. At this point he might as well leave on a free for Newell's Old Boys in the summer rather than stick around and get blamed for the long, slow decline of Barcelona.
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Messi was competely right, we need Neymar but it seems he's happy at Paris now as we didnt even try to get him. Go F*** yourself Barto you rat. This is the end of your time here and the Neymar failure will represent your disastrous reign over my club

Messi is wrong we don't need Neymar...

Messi is wrong again for backing Valverde...

He can only blame himself now!


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Messi publicly backed Valverde in May after the loss to Liverpool in more than one interview. At the end of the day, he is the captain, what he says and who he supports is his business. IMO i wished he would not have done that but he did so good for him. Not so good for the rest of us.

I think the board felt inclined to keep Valverde seeing that Messi and the other seniors wanted the coach to continue, maybe there was a meeting behind closed doors and Valgreen was given a vote of confidence.

At the end of the day the performances and the results on the field speak for themselves. Our worst start in two decades, clueless, listless, abject, shitty and pathetic football. This is what Leo and the club de amigos wanted so let's see how they can figure out how to deal with this shit on the field. Valgreen might be a nice person off the field but the guy is tactically incompetent and out of his depth on many levels.


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Should have kept quiet and said the same when he was asked about Griezmann: "We, the players don't comment on transfers".

Anyway, whether the players like him or not, the board should have made the decision to fire him. The Real Madrid players publicly backed Ancelotti, Cristiano Ronaldo even posted a tweet with a photo of him and Ancelotti and wrote that he loves playing for him or something like that.

What did Florentino do? He fired Ancelotti.

I wouldn't blame the players for our board and President being a bunch of cucks and spineless cowards.

Although it says it all about these seniors. They're too comfortable because they know Valverde will play them no matter what while someone like Alena gets dropped after one half even if he was one of the better players vs Athletic.


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Oh the senior players know what is going on. They are not stupid. That's the reason for backing Valverde. Messi on the other hand just wants to support his friends, but like I said, he's too passive to be captain and then go on to say like backing the manager completely. He should have just kept quiet if he's not entirely sure, especially when the their style has been questionable in recent years. Why hasn't he questioned why new players were not given a chance? Only until recently he praised the inclusion of Fati? If Fati was benched would he have said anything? Basically, he just prioritise his relationships with his teammates and blame everything on individual mistakes. Messi's easily taken advantage of, despite his great power, he just wants to play football but unfortunately it's not that simple. Partly why his legacy has never been cemented properly.

Anyway, he's not to be blamed for sure, but I certainly wouldn't feel sorry for him if he sulks after yet another humiliation.


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According to Don Balon, Messi is not at all happy with Griezmann’s presence in the team, and the report suggests part of that is due to the fact that the Argentine wanted his club to re-sign Neymar instead


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According to Don Balon, Messi is not at all happy with Griezmann’s presence in the team, and the report suggests part of that is due to the fact that the Argentine wanted his club to re-sign Neymar instead

If true Messi can pay Neyma’s transfer fee and salary out of his own pocket then.

But I don’t believe this is true.

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