Liga Round 24: FC Barcelona - Valencia CF 1-0


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Proof this league is beyond garbage since 2 years ... this is a league leader !!

Spanish football is destroyed, the French league have way more level than this shit.

Hurts to see Valencia playing this level.


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We are in some shit form :lol: Game was okay before the missed penalty though, which was the turning point.

It can only go up from here with Dembele, Gavi, Pedri, Lewy coming back.


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It hurts to watch our games. There is no full-time penalty shooter. Tactical holes. We can't finish the game earlier. But we win. 1:0 is already a sign of Barcelona.

te amo barca

Blaugrana al vent
Should have put the game to bed, had enough chances, but the attacking trio was Conference League level today.


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Would be livid if Valencia got denied the pen today against Real.

Generally I am very happy with our team this season, but today was a shit show.

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