Liga Round 23: Almeria - FC Barcelona 1-0


So discouraging that we are losing our 8 point lead vs Almeria. I don't have confidence in xavi to take us to the league.


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We are not capable of creating a chance against one of the worst teams in the league that conceded 40 goals. Only useless, shitty crosses.


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Lewy and Araujo are just in the way at each other... It is obvious that they can't even sense where is one to another.


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The positive thing is that we won so many 1-0 games this season and Madrid had some silly slips since returning from the world cup .. if we don't end up winning the league after all this then we don't deserve it


How is possible that we lose our main players and form in the most important months? Happened now for some years...don't get it


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There's nothing surprising about this.

This is a standard Xavi Barca performance without a lucky goal.

Never understood why some people call him some sort of league specialist.

Steven Gerrard/Frank Lampard level manager.

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