Liga Round 14: Rayo Vallecano - Barca 1-1


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Well we got the coveted international break to reset our bad form.

Now Gavi went down Xavi will probably be blaming the international if we play poor in this one :lol:.

The guy is one fine politician, who has also mastered the art of tai-chi.


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This team is about to realize how important Gavi really was. Bunch of soft players on this team. We better pray Pedri and Frenkie can carry this trashcan offense.

Aye his hard man act fairly mattered recently when Barca losing control of midfield...

Barely making 20 passes with terrible range and advancing of ball in last couple games but at least he is 'hard'.

Lets blame likes of Gundo who makes near on 100 passes with far better quality and comes up with game winning assist in those games.

But aye he and others are 'soft'.

Oh how the standards expected at Barca on the ball have changed!

If Barca play shite today we can look at the midfielders who have been as bad as Gavi recently and compare them. Thats a fair comparison as shite with him anyway in recent times and shite with him last season when others out in midfield and he had to play centrally.

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