La Liga Round 36: Real Valladolid - FC Barcelona 3-1


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Best player in the world after the result is already settled.

Blame Xavi. The service is awful. The style of play isn't coherent and the players don't know what to expect.

The fact that he's still scored this many despite having the worst rough patch of his career is why he's an all timer......

Where are the patterns of play?

Sailor Mars

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This team has no depth. A little bit of rotation, and Barca gets lit up by a relegation level team.
The club has been cheapening out on bench players to try and fund a starting XI.


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Whats the status for our defensive record? Are we still on track or we lost it

Bottled it all in last 2,5 games.

Conceded 18 goals which is tied with Deportivo (1993-94) and Atletico (2015-16) but will surely concede a few more in last two games considering how we've approached the things since we basically guaranteed a title at HT of the Espanyol game. Conceded 7 goals since then but could easy be 12 which is more than we've conceded in first 33 games.

MATS is currently at 25 clean sheets and needs one more to equalize record of Francisco Liano (Deportivo, 93-94). Don't see it happen either.


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Shows the underlying mentality of this team.

But also that we were defensively built on intensity and individual effort, and not a strong defensive system.

Which results in Europe already exposed.

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