La Liga | Round 36: Levante UD - FC Barcelona 3-3


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Another game with bad substitutions. Koeman blew it with this Sergi Roberto thing. He's done, we know it and Laporta knows it.


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Lost this match like cowards. We all know defending is not our strenght so why prentend to be something we are clearly not? Go for the goal and after that the next one. Thats the way and the only way we can win.


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Before the international break, I remember worrying about how we could win all our matches and still not win the league :lol:


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We're not good enough it's as simple as that. Everytime we've had to go top of the table this season we've fucked it.

Messi should leave and enjoy the rest of his career.


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Mentally the weakest team out there. Hurting fans every year with the constant bottling when they need to perform.
Lack of fire is infuriating as well.

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