La Liga | Round 35: FC Barcelona - Atletico Madrid 1-1


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Yikes. So it is confirmed. If we beat Granada we would have been top, with 1/12 against Madrid and Atleti. We don't deserve this LaLiga.

Also LOL at the idea that if we won it would hand Madrid the league. Well we just drew and also handed them the league.


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horrendous stuff. many of our players are midtable at best, we don't need a few new players, we need an entire squad.

Agree but this was always true and we failed again and again to bring adequate players (how much did we lost on the like of coutinho, griezman dembele and others) because we bought players without having a clear midterm and longterm strategy. What we need is a new project with new technical stuff who would have a white card to Re structure the club
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We didn't have a proper 9 who can bother the defenders of Atletico. Put Haaland in this game alongside Messi, we score 2 goals. As one of them will certainly find space


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Madrid just needs to win 4 matches.
Tougg task but we are reduced to outsiders due to tgat Granada loss.

Yes I know we don't have a chance anymore, but I think the chances of Atletico winning all the three remaining games (against Real Sociedad, Osasuna and Valladolid) are higher than Real Madrid winning the remaining four games (Sevilla, Granada, Athletic and Villarreal). Yes Atletico might drop points against Real Sociedad but Madrid might also drop points.


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Atletico better in first half, Bar?a better in second. Messi was close but nobody else was able to step up and finish. Demb?l? had the best chance.
Only good news: MAtS was solid.


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I almost don't want to see Sevilla win tomorrow because I don't want to give myself another false hope.

It is like Ana De Armas giving me her number, but only because I have to call her when her screen is repaired.


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Felt like no team wanted to take risks. Or just didnt have the quality. Very even game apart from 10 minutes after Busquets was subbed out.

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