La Liga Round 33: FC Barcelona - Osasuna 1-0


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Yeah, ok... :lol:

You'll eventually be right, years on in the future, if Laporta gets it good maybe. Just keep reapating it, repetition is the name of the game.

It is.

League shows it.

You just keep repeating Barca miles off Real even though proven wrong.


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Good 3pts. Abysmal finishing is a major problem this season, especially since our no9 is in vacation mode for 3 months seemingly. Some bench time for the guy and let Benzema claim top goalscorer is the road to go.


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This season is too crazy to happen again. Need to improve next season if we want to wing big titles again.


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Barca classic. 1-0. Must be what Xavi worked on and was brought for since this is what happens all the time.


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You are being crazy. At what age did Iniesta and Alba/Alves show consistency?
Expect much more.

Balde form terrible as soon as he solidified the left back spot. Pressure got to him too....

Hope is this title is gonna make these youngsters grow a pair and mature a lot.


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This tells more of the squad than is high praise of Pedri if you ask me.

right back

attacking midfielder

no9 sub

left side attacker

Must correct asap.
What are you talking about? Our RB is great being as is .. lets keep a CB there like Abidal days to balance our attacking LB

We do not need an attacking midfielder .. we need a starting defensive CDM

Left side is great as is with Gavi .. similar to Iniesta replacing Ronaldinho when he left .. the attacking LB with the technical LW is a great dynamical combo

We need a consistent RW that can run and finish the ball as well

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