La Liga | Round 31: FC Barcelona - Getafe 5-2


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We lost totally the controll in the second half. An easy game turned into a hard one. If we continue like this La liga will turn hell on us.
Good victory! =D (even if we find real difficulties after their second goal).
But why is Koeman always frustrated and highly-nervous? lol. Everytime the camera is on him, you see his face uterrly red, and he never smiles! (even at 3-1).
Yeah, that's good in a sense that he wants to secure the results. But also a coach should know how to master his emotions, how to send confidence to his players.
I'm not totally seduced by the attitude of a nervous coach (Koeman) or a sleepy coach (Valverde), lol.
I think for example about the positive attitudes of Zidane who is always encouraging his players and giving them confidence in the difficult times. It's one of the reasons why they perform well in big games.
I love also the attitude of Klopp who knows how to motivate his players in a passionate positive way, instead of showing them nervositiy and irritability.
Klopp for example, when the game is tough knows how to hug and support his players, transmitting good vibes.. Koeman, at the other hand, was unable to shake the hands of Mingueza after his replacement today (because he was too nervous).
I'm not criticizing Koeman; I like his tactical choices, but he should work more on his temparement and emotions; I think he should convert his constant nervosity to a more passionate and confident way of living the games ! The way he doubts his squad is impacting the mental of our players I think !
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Fair point about Koeman but bringing up Klopp hurts your argument. Guy goes completely mental on plenty of occasions.
Fair point about Koeman but bringing up Klopp hurts your argument. Guy goes completely mental on plenty of occasions.
I know that Klopp can be mental or nervous sometimes. But most of the time, he is showing passion and sharing exciting vibes, especially when there is crowd and lots of fans.
This season, we can't judge him from that perspective because there is is no crowd in the stadium anymore. And that killed his vibe (the death of his mother also).
Klopp is one of those rare coachs who can make an average player believe he can be World-Class! What he did with a limited squad of Liverpool these 4 years is really amazing. We can't understimate the power of his mental preparation.
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