La Liga Round 29: Getafe - FC Barcelona 0-0


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Tired??? 😆🤣

We didn't go deep in Europe. We have no league cup like the EPL. We're playing ONE fucking game a week. And we're tired???
Then what else could it be? We look like dogshit out there and the pressing is nowhere near as effective as earlier in the season.


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How can anything be Xavi's "nemesis" in la liga, when you guys literally don't concede goals?

We also don't score for 3 games. :lol:

Also don't create nearly enough chances. It's a bad period for us, everyone can see it. If it goes on for too long, the league can get complicated. Plenty of tricky games are left, looking at our schedule.


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The performances have been like this a lot more than some make on.

The difference has been narrow wins and a hell of a lot of missed chances from opposition.

It is not sustainable to play as badly as Barca have for parts of this league and keep winning those games.

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I hope Madrid can win the league somehow so Xavi would get fired before he can fuck us further with more signing/transfers. Chihua, ferret, donkey, rhino, total dregs from Xavi.

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