La Liga | Round 28: Real Sociedad - FC Barcelona 1-6


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Sunday, March 21, 21:00 CET





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Huge match. ATL and Real have easier ties, but also a shorter turnaround and less rest from the CL ties. Could be a big weekend in the title race one way or another.


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6 days of rest and preparation which is rare these days. Let's hope our boys arrive well on Sunday.


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Maybe with no fans, this stadium won't be as bad as it usually is for Barca.

We did better away than at home, all season long, in all competitions. Furthermore, we won at Bilbao and Celta, venues that usually caused problems for us.


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We have to win this, we just gotta

Yep. Have to win pretty much every game. Atletico will be even more focused now on winning the league now that they're out of CL. They'll win majority of their games from now, maybe 1 slip up, 2 if we're lucky before we face them, so we need to do even better and win every game to win the league.


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FDJ and Messi are going to get yellows in this game, aren't they?

Up next is Valladolid at home. Wouldn't be the end of the world.

Messi is going to have two weeks of rest during NT break, but Frenkie will probably be overplayed these 3 upcoming games Netherlands have.
Might be wise to reset his card amount by grabbing a yellow against Sociedad and have him rested.


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They really should get booked. Otherwise you are one madridista ref decision away from them being suspended in el classico.p


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We won 2 of the last 3 league games at Anoeta (and 3 out of the last 4 if we include Copa game). There is no Anoeta curse anymore. Won't be easy but I think we'll win.

Just keep [MENTION=28187]Fati_Future_BallonDor[/MENTION] out of this thread. :lol:

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