La Liga | Round 27: FC Barcelona - Huesca 4-1


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Absolutely mental. Worst call in the history of penalties. And VAR does nothing. I mean what is the point...


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Pathetic call of a penalty. Clear penalty against Atleti not given and this is.

VAR is basically legalizing corruption.


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WTF is going on with these crazy penalty decisions going against us !!

How are VAR making so many bad mistakes??
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Another rule that has to change. That's 3 penalties in a week where the guy taken down is never getting near the ball. The icardi,lacazette and now this one. Has to be that the attacker has a chance of getting to the ball


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Any slight shove at corners and I expect our guys to fall. Let's see if the ref uses the same measure the other way.

Jk. We all know that he won't. La Liga is pathetic.

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