La Liga Round 27: Elche - FC Barcelona 0-4


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Ansu failure. Players play calmly. But I would like one more goal, so that we can calm down. There are a lot of mistakes, so far.


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Not bad .. pretty good but the opposition is trash

Pretty well, in control, but missing easy chances still. Focused performance but sloppy in attack. We seem to be creating big chances at will almost because Elche are terrible at the back.

Not surprised, Elche suuuuuuck. We need to put 3 or 4 past them to give us our scoring edge back and a bit of confidence to likes of Ansu, though I'm reading he's been terrible so far somehow.

If he can't do it against this opposition something is seriously wrong about him.
Surprised by how well Eric is playing but tbf its elche. Gonna be good to have him as a backup/ rotation.

He needs to get a goal or two in this game but Andy has been pretty great so far, all things considered

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