La Liga Round 17: FC Barcelona - Getafe 1-0


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Lewa out so obviously all eyes will be on young Fati. Hope Raphinha starts as well, no Ferran please.

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Was there anyone here besides me who defended Fati while he was/is getting Puiged and Xavicrossed to death? Luckily he has a big contract and not a midfielder or he'd have received the full Puig treatment.


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I'm on a date during the game and unable to watch it. A draw.:lol:

Don't listen to anyone.. your priorities seem pretty good.
You can always avoid Barca forum for a day and watch the game the next morning during work.
That's my go to solution most of the time I have something other to do.
Have fun.
Barca gonna smash it anyway.


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Xavi will have to continue to rotate, with two games every week until/unless getting knocked out of Copa and Europa League. Xavi has been doing a good job with squad management, I can even almost understand why he keeps giving Ferran chances.

The good omen is that all 5 midfielders are playing great. Of all the players in the rotation (so not Eric, not Bellerin), only Ferran has been looking bad. If the team can survive these two games without Lewa, I'm pretty optimistic about the rest of the season.

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