La Liga Round 16: Atletico Madrid - FC Barcelona 0-1


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Meh. You're just playing to the gallery here. It's obvious my haters and that part of the forum's establishment will lap up anything negative said about me......

No hard feelings though. I'm a very humble dude and don't mind being roasted. Found your previous digs funnier than this one though since I'm pretty blessed in that financial aspect of my life....... All cool buddy. :cheers:

There's no way anyone over the age of 6 finds Horatio and his 30 room-mates posts funny lmfao


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We barely beat Intercity. We should probably play 100% better to not drop points from this one.

te amo barca

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Who are we going to play as ST ? Fati ?

Depends on who starts between Ferran and Raphinha. Ferran was woeful so hopefully Raphinha with Dembouz on the left and Ansu at CF.

However, when those three played together vs Intercity, Dembele was more often central as a CF and Ansu on the left wing, but they were swapping positions frequently. I think Xavi will do the same


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More often than not, when everyone expects a fail we do good.

It is done then.

Barca to shit on these fools with 0-3 ( just like the MSN era when we turned the season around ) , turning it around one more time to win the triple , Europa League , Spanish League and Copa del Rey.



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Previously, before matches against strong opponents, I prepared to enjoy football, although Barca could lose. Now, before matches against strong opponents, I prepare to suffer from their football, although Barca may win. I wish the club would fix this and returned the joy of the game to the fans of Barcelona. But this is still very far away.

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