La Liga Round 14: Osasuna - FC Barcelona 1-2


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Technically yes, but not actually, since we're not besting Real this season in the head to head. Need to win this. And who knows, if they're feeling the pressure a bit more, maybe even Cadiz can frustrate Real and cause them to drop points again, although unlikely. But the point is, win tonight, and we can sit back, relax and hope for another upset on Thursday. If not, then so be it. A win tonight, and it's top of the table nonetheless and 37 out of the possible 42 points, with the fewest conceded goals at this stage in like forever. That's like actual Pep league levels. Would be a pretty damn good send off for the WC.
Wow, we have 11w 1d and 1l in liga. Damn we move!


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Cant complain with that line up.

Resigned to fact Busi will start but the rest of team is decent... provided Alba takes width and Torres is closer to Lewa.

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