La Liga Round 13: FC Barcelona - Almeria 2-0


A nice easy game to finish up Piques great career. He may have stayed a bit too long but he was nonetheless one of the best defenders of his generation.

Could have won like 5-0 easily. Alba was MOTM in my opinion.


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So... Zippin beers and rakija with neighbours, watching Barca (only B fan there) and all of them sayin: wtf Lewy taking the pen? Next thing... He missed itd. Karma is the bitch.

Edit: home made rakija and meat

Why? Pique didn?t want to take it.


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So many wasted chances, lucky for Barca it was only Almeria.. But gotta improve finishing.. At least Pique said goodbye with a win, thanks for everything Geri.. :pique::barcaflag::barcaflag::worthy:


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Starting front-line should be clear after 2 months of tinkering and experimenting by Xavi

Dembouz-Lewa-Ferran from right to left

Ferran right now is better than Ansu in everything since the latter doesn't score goals anymore
Same with Dembele over Raphina

If that changes over the season, we can reevaluate it, but as things stand Ansu and Raphinia are subs


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I agree. Only Raphinha can get in if Dembele stops scoring. Ansu seems to be going through a tough time.

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