La Liga Round 1: FC Barcelona - Rayo Vallecano 0-0


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Hey lads, I took some time off after the Frankfurt game at realy affected my spirit, so I went for a break. Feels good to be back. I'm up to date with all the news and transfers. Visca Barca. Let's enjoy this new season.

welcome back


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Let's go! Have been really, really off Barca and football in general all through the summer. Only getting back into the scheme of things last couple of weeks.

Managed to get a cheap ticket for tonight's game so headed there now. Really excited to see Barca again after a long time!

Btw, didn't follow the news over the last 48 hours - did all the players get registered then? What happened exactly and how?

sorry i cant dm you for some reason check the live chat there


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2 minutes in. ., Busquets collecting the ball off the keeper dragging them forwards and creating space behind .. then playing a great through ball for a chance .

All this goes unnoticed by many


Barca trying too hard right now. We get behind them everytime on the wings and then slow down and try to get too cute with the ball. Get in the box and score.

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