La Liga 23/24

Who wins La Liga?

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No Christensen at DM or Pedri moved deeper and Felix/Ferran/Raphinha options at AM even Gundo moving up there also.

Even Cancelo at DM if wanted someone to pick up the headless chicken act to chase anything that moves.


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Christensen at DM is pure fantasy. Played 6 games there (Youth League included).

Nah he plays there for Denmark and done well and would have him ahead of Romeu every time.

But he is also a starter at CB.

'Fantasy' is thinking Barca are one injury away from having to start Romeu or Fermin.


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Fuck know what that is supposed to show but Christsenen has talked about playing DM at Barca as 'done it before'...Xavi has considered it and as has Denmark coach done it.

But you know best and call it 'fantasy' anyone would consider him at DM ahead of Romeu.

'Fantasy' that Cancelo would play in there.. but has this season for Barca.

Used to be called 'fantasy' Barca would ever go double pivot etc.

Fantasy land.

Gavi played deeper this season and never had in his career or youth system to date.. Cancelo has played there this season but aye its all fantasy to say Christensen could.

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