La Liga 23/24

Who wins La Liga?

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I'm just saying this now. Could very easily be an Atletico year.

Barca are 1 injury away from a dark place and Lewa isn't getting younger. We are at the point where we would rather have a 16 yr old start on the RW and at best have Ansu on the left who is a major wild card. No right back of note. Relied on an insane defense to carry the title last season.

Madrid without Mbappe and losing one of the best keepers in the world at least Top 2 basically means they have a 10% chance of winning the league.

Enter Atletico, who have maybe the best player in La Liga in Greizmann and about 4 other decent forwards to help carry the attack. Injury proof mostly. A combative midfield and of course Oblak. Could be one of those weird years.

Real Sociedad: Super Dark Horse 0.001% chance of a title.They usually start every season insanely well and usually top 3 until about halfway through the season. Great young talents but no real superstars they probably finish 4th of 5th. Would be cool if they won though!
Damn I went off here.


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Mallorca vs Cadiz 1-1 yesterday in the delayed game of Round 13.

So for the first time since La Liga has 20 teams (1987-88 season) all of them have scored in the same round.

Last time all teams have scored before yesterday was in 1960-61 when La Liga only had 16 teams. Probably happened before too when the league only had 10 or 12 members.


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And it's all thanks to this man.


Miss you Mister.


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Couto changed the game in 5 minutes. No idea why he didn't start, maybe Michel rested him before playing Barca next week.

Savinho 3-1.

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