La Liga 2022/23

Who will win La Liga?

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What do you think of him?
Seems like a very direct attacking midfielder who excels in scoring and escaping pressure, but not exactly a guy to control the tempo or being great playing deep.
Manu are also in in him btw, Spain is having a great generation coming up in midfield

Wanted to be a bit hipster and say that despite the age difference I prefer Sancet.

Ya know though, I was thinking just where exactly would he fit in at a top club. As you say, very vertical and offensive minded for a midfielder.

But if he does continue this trajectory then would be great for Barcelona in that Gavi psuedo midfielder-forward role. Way better offensive output and the ability to know where and how to arrive in the final third.

That's not me giving up on Gavi, just a better profile for having 4 mids on the field.

Incredible physical profile and final touch for his age though. For a 40m BO clause you don't need to think twice given the currently inflated market. But ideally you wait another season to see if he levels off to a Raul Garcia or Fabien Ruiz type who I recall also had these hot starts.

Man U already have Bruno so don't really need him, but the PL clubs are all about sporting the opportunity and thinking later, way too much rights income and an internally inflated market to worry if a player like this flops.


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Sevilla fucking around trying to go deep in EL & about to get relegated, lol.

No one cares about the EL bros, throw the matches.


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Enes Unal now has 13 goals this season. The question must be now, how good is he really?

Fundamentally always been seen as one of those talented players, considering City initially purchased him and then Villarreal paid 14m for him back in 2017.

Watched him a bit, and maybe I didn't give him enough credit and he is one of those who has finally matured and showing his actual ability.


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Game was largely crap, but at least the last 20 offered some back and forth drama until the end.

Congratulations on securing the league, see you again in CDR soon.


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Heard Barcelona are trying to claim La Liga title 1937, which was during Spanish Civil War so it wasn?t counted as official title. However RFEF granted Deportivo and Levante Copa Del Reys which were also not official and was during Spanish Civil war. Sounds pretty legit, 2 La Liga titles this season 😂

Ps what happened to this forum? Someone hack it?


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How the fuck is that not even a yellow? Seen red given for similar tackles countless times.

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