La Liga 2022/23

Who will win La Liga?

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Piece of shit Rudiger. Falls, catches the hand of the opponent and screams penalty. Straight from Ramos days.


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But still, you must know something about him. I'd expect Norwegian sporting press to big up a guy starting for one of the best teams in LL right now.

He is even from my home city, so its a bit embarassing that i don't know much about him.

Thing is, he barely played for RBK(my home club), he played a season for Glimt and then went abroad.


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Often we play crap and score, this time we play well, but are wasteful.

Though, part of the reason we play well is Sociedad giving us space.


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DM is one of those positions we should normally be able to find cheap and decent options. It's weird that we can't seem to find anyone.

I think there must be loads of unknown entities out there (tomas partey types) that play for smaller clubs and can do a job. We just need to get better at scouting, an area we've been rey poor for... Well more than a decade now.


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Zubimendi is a 30M player MAX, and even with that i dont see him with enough potential to be a starter DM for us.

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