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This kid is very very talented and has so much potential to be a world class player! He has had a fantastic season at Werder Bremen, scored another 2 goals today, He is only 21 years old and is wanted by Dortmund to replace Gotze.

IMO Chelsea would be crazy to sell him! but i think they will either call him back as he is a player Mourinho would want because of his work-rate and amazing ability or Chelsea may use him to get Lewandowski!

Has anyone else seen much of him this season?
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I've seen him play since his days at Genk. Great player, I also enjoy his style of play more than Hazard's (for example).


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He's really amazing, allegedly he already has a deal with Dortmund, but it will be hard to convince Chelsea to sell him.


He's brilliant. Kevin is one of the best Belgian players out there and nowadays that says a lot. Currently I only rate Kompany, Hazard and Courtois as better players although opinions may differ. It just seems he keeps on adding to his game every single year. In Genk he started out as a very fragile left winger with a tiny frame but you could easily spot the talent and the technique. He initally had a lot of trouble marking his direct opponent in defensive phases because he didn't have decent stamina, even when keeping in mind his tender age. (back than he played in a 442) In his first years at Genk he gained a lot of muscle and he learned to play as a central midfielder too. He often made the difference with his excellent shooting, vision and crossing. It looks like he has made a lot of progress this year aswell. On loan at Bremen he started out as a striker, another new position and he scored some important goals in keeping the team in the bundesliga. Just recently I was flabbergasted when I heared he ran the most kilometers per game of any player in Germany, adding to his increasing all-roundness. For the national team he scored and provided some crucial goals aswell.

As far as his personality is concerned, he's a very calm, perhaps even a tad boring person. But he's also a model professional. It will be very interesting to see where his limits lie.

Concerning his immediate future: I cannot think of a better club for Kevin than Dortmund. Neither can I think of a better option to replace Gotze from Dortmund's point of view. It seems both are made for each other. Kevin will thrive under Klopp because, well, I think he can play in up to 6 positions in his 4231 system. He's still a young player who's willing to learn and has great amibition. We will hear a lot from him in the future.


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I really hope he goes to Dortmund, I'd rather not see him in a Chelseashirt. IMO they never will value him like the worldclass player he is.
Dortmund is where he belongs as attacking midfielder. We'll be hearing a lot more of him in the future, massive talent and great person.


His style of play really suits the Bundesliga and the PL which ever league he ends up playing in next season i think he will do really well.


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If I understand it correctly, he is part of the Chelsea-Schürrle-deal so I'm curious to see how it pans out with de Bruyne all of a sudden not being opposed to a Dortmund-move when before he showed avid interest in Leverkusen.


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I'd like to hope he is loaned, but if not he deserves Dortmund.

He is a quality player and if Chelsea don't include him into their squad they're mad and they never will. He won't settle with Leverkusen, he either goes back to Chelsea or he's off to Dortmund. The guy is better than Schurle, why would he want to be involved with a loan exchange deal of a player that is worse than him. I hope Chelsea sells, they're treating him wrongly.


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The Leverkusen general manager said that Mourinho told him that he's keeping De Bruyne at Chelsea. :worthy: His agent apparently said that Chelsea think he's ready too.


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hope its True he deserves a chance too,he had a great season and will be important for chelsea not to lose him


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I love this guy. He's got an amazing potential. He can play on left wing, right wing, as a number #10, and as a centre mid. :worthy:

Whenever you see him play in any of these positions you would think it's his natural position. I'm excited for him next season.

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