Julian Alvarez


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Lowkey needs to be our main transfer target over the next 1-2 years.

-We don't have a long term striker with Lewa in the final years at top level
-Alvarez is never going to be the starting 9 at City given that Haaland is just a far better player.

The kid will need to leave City to be a starting striker and we can offer that.


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Well, no shit.

We have Lewandowski currently. As for in the future who knows. He's a better U23 talent than anyone else on our team and that includes Ansu. He won't join us though. We could have signed him but decided on Ferran Torres instead.
Could have gotten this lad for less than 20 million euros, we missed out big time imo.

But we chose to spend 65M on Ferran Torres LOL
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We need to have war chest for these cheaper players who have potential to become elite players. Huge missed chance. 25 mil today is pretty cheap imo.

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