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depends what signings are made, chelsea won't be winning the title with torres and ba, they have missed out on falcao and there is stiff competition for cavani, lewandowski on his way to bayern this summer or next, it is easy to say if they get a top striker they'll do this or that but if they miss out on cavani who else is there that you would put money on coming straight into the premier league and scoring 25-30 goals. i don't particularly rate chelsea's current set of central midfielders either, mikel, essien, romeu, lampard, ramires etc, they need to sign players there too. there squad is a bit thin at centre back too, luiz-cahill is hardly a world class partnership and terry is old and slow, they have plenty of work to do over the summer. United and City will both sign players too so at this stage it is impossible to make any kind of prediction without it being influenced by bias against certain teams that you don't want to do well. I will say this, assuming that Rooney stays all united really need is a midfielder or two, the squad is fine in terms of strikers and defensive players, City and Chelsea have more work to do over the summer then United do...

Chelsea's squad is better than Man U's. Except in the forward department.


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Chelsea's squad is better than Man U's. Except in the forward department.

our defensive options are clearly better then chelsea's also, unless you think luiz/terry/cahill is better then vidic/evans/ferdinand, in which case i would respond with a very long lololololololol, take off your liverpool specs, the only area where chelsea have the edge on us is in the wing/attack mid department...


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I am kind of excited to see what signings he will make and to watch his team play next this time I will actually enjoy to hear him accusing the rival team of buying the refs. And if we will see a Chelsea-RM in the CL it will be even better. :wub:

Mourinho pledges to bring 'values' to next job

Jose Mourinho has claimed that moral standards have been allowed to slip in the modern game and vowed to emerge as an unlikely leader of the next generation of more responsible managers once he seals his expected return to Chelsea.
Mourinho's suggestion that football's "values have been lost" in recent years will be greeted with scorn by those who believe his own behviour has been questionable, particularly during his time at Real Madrid.
The Portuguese's antics were constantly criticised by the Spanish media during his turbulent three years as Madrid coach, but it seems the 50-year-old is preparing to reshape his image as he prepares to return as manager at Chelsea.

As Mourinho flew into London on Sunday afternoon to reportedly finalise his move to Stamford Bridge, his latest comments suggest that he is hoping to emerge as an elder statesman of the touchline as he looks to fill the void left by the retired Sir Alex Ferguson.
"With the departure of Ferguson, I realise that being a relatively young coach at the top has made me feel more responsible," Mourinho said in an interview with Jornal de Noticias. "I have been at the top of my profession for over ten years. I feel more and more responsible. The younger coaches expect it of me and I cannot disappoint.
"Values have been lost. Education and professionalism are becoming worse and worse. It is a problem in current society and football in particular - working as groups, not individually. I believe success depends on objectives being reached by a group, who are able to identify, establish and fight for those goals."
Mourinho went on to offer a stout defence of his record, as he prepares to try and revive the success he was a part of during his first stint as Chelsea boss between 2004 and 2007.
"Twenty titles in all the countries I have coached in is a lot. I have learned that, no matter what, I want to win more times, but I've accepted that losing is part of my professional life," he said.
"I like to open and close my coaching cycles without talking about the downsides. I'll try not to speak to the Spanish media because of this."

You have to love his sense of humor.
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So Mou is getting rid of Mata and Torres, any coincidence that they are both Spanish and in the NT? He obviously wants shot of them because they have a relationship with Casillas and he doesn't want the dressing room talking about what went wrong at Madrid. Nice to see that his ego is still working overtime.


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"When we start the players will meet someone with great motivation," he added. "In spite of my white hairs, which I didn't have in 2004, I'm still very strong at work."

:lol: Good to have you back, boss.


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So Mou is getting rid of Mata and Torres..

According to who? As far as I know Mata doesn't really have a relationship with Casillas..he's friends with Silva, Cazorla, Villa, Torres or De Gea, but not with Casillas. Besides if I were to trust this rumour I would have to take into consideration the fact that Mou is stupid..and he might be a lot of things, but he's not an idiot.


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The fact that they are in the NT together means they have a relationship, Jeez.

That's not really true..we have the example of Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso who not only that they don't have a relationship with many cules from the NT, but they also have a problem with Casillas. And if Casillas were to talk about the problems they had in the dressing room he will also have to admit his own mistakes or that he's a bad captain. In the end it wouldn't benefit anyone.
And you still didn't say how do you know that Mata will be sold.

Maria knows too much about footballers' personal relationships and friend circles. :lol:

I know only about the spanish players or our own players..and Mata is one of my favourite. He's also a very intelligent footballer who knows that if they want to fight for the PL again, he has to be on Mou's side.
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If there was no problem, then there will be. The media just fucked Mourinho over, again.

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