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It's not the dragging and the step over that's making the skill difficult. It's the agility to recover after the feint. Most people would break their own legs trying that.

Hm ok. Yeah I guess it's a bit tough to do it in a fitting way in a game situation too... And not even Xavi had as flexible hips as JJ, so it will look a bit stiffer...
Was it Okocha or Ronaldo who added the rabona at the end, getting the ball back in the directon it started hmm
I came up with another feint, doing yet another stepover with the rabona foot, so that the ball just continued to roll in the same direction, but it wasn't very effective...

I only saw some highlights clips from that time, but imagine following PSG with Okocha and Ronnie!


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Since Te Amo posted this video, and Juninho doesn't have his topic, I'll post it here.
This guy was really scoring all sorts of freekicks (from a close range, distance, almost from a corner kick).
Also, it is funny to see how often goalkeepers didn't even try to jump.
They would just watch the ball flying and if it goes in and as if the would think: oh well, there's nothing you can do :lol:



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What is the move?
The one I associate with him the most is dragging the ball inwards with the studs and then stepping over the ball...
But that's very easy to do, maybe it's the 'rainbow flick' you talk about?

Yeah, it is the one you are thinking of. Simple to do but hard to pull off effectively. Especially when you think of dribbling past a fellow professional athlete.

There was another one a bit similar that a low level Scottish Premier League player used to do effectively. When I can remember his name (African origin) I will dig on youtube as I am sure there will be highlights on there.


Eugene Dadi!

But clips are elusive...
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Okocha sells it so well with his body when he steps over the ball. Everyone else I've seen do it after him just go through the motions, almost no exaggerated body movement. Which is the whole point of the skill. Step overs have also gone this way the last 15-20 years.


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I also saw him kick it an a very awkward way instead of stepping over one time - it was neither just going through the motion or selling the motion very well but he was aware and could change in the middle, like Messi f.e. Or indeed Maradona!

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