Ivan Rakitić


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Rakitic may just be one of those high level performers like Hamez Milner who can go and on and on without rest.

Imho 4-4-2 suits him more than 4-3-3 always has after Lucho's first season.

Without prime Iniesta and Busquets 433 struggles to get the best out of him I dont think it's a problem with his fitness.


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Rakitic is ONLY good for 4-4-2, we suffered enough for years playing him at 4-3-3, he cannot dribble to save his life and just a ticking bomb when we play a team that is smart enough to pressure us, Arthur/Vidal over him any day.


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The current formation seems to be 4-2-1-2 Messi. Rakitic plays alongside Busquets, with Arthur further upfield pretty much in the center. Rakitic does go forward sometimes, Busquets never does, but both defend a lot more than Arthur.

Look, Rakitic is going to play a lot. He does on every team, for every manager. You can certainly appreciate what he does by seeing what the team lacks when he is not on the field. The team deteriorates even more when Busquets is not on the field.

Both Rakitic and Busquets need to be rotated more, so it is essential for someone to prove he can cover for these two. I don't care who. Roberto has not looked like he can do it far this season, so surely Vidal has to be given his shot.


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90 minutes every game

What a shame what a shame

Every game it's the same

Shame Valverde is so lame

His play has become so tame

We all know who's to blame

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