Ilias Akhomach


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Name in home country: Ilias Akhomach Chakkour
Date of birth: Apr 16, 2004
Place of birth: Hostalets de Pierola, Spain
Age: 16
Citizenship: Spain, Morocco
Position: Forward - Right Winger
Foot: left
Current club:FC Barcelona U19
Joined: Jul 1, 2020
Contract expires: 30.06.2023

One of the most promising wingers in La Masia, already labeled as the new Messi. He's only 16 but will play for Juvenil A, also in the youth CL this season. Also made his Barca B debut in a friendly against Cornella last weekend.

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One of the most promising wingers in La Masia, already labeled as the new Messi.

By La Masia director, Patrick Kluivert nevertheless
Although, he didn't really named him.
BTW, speaking exclusively about style of play he is more like a left footed Neymar than Messi

te amo barca

Blaugrana al vent

Very raw, but the potential is there. His dribbling style really reminds me of someone, but I can't recall who exactly, Halilovic or Emre Mor? Either way, he is a player that excites the crowd. His dribbling is instinctual and very developed but not much other than that. High chance he ends up one of those no end product wingers like the two I mentioned above, but let's hope he comes good.


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He has all it takes to become one of BBZ's favorite players in a few years. :mou:

Tbh, I kinda like his defensive mentality, always seems to work hard off the ball and not being affraid to stuck into challenges which I like in young offensive players. His decision making leaves a lot to be desired but he has just turned 17 three months ago and the same can be said about most players his age. Could obviously improve that aspect of his game but could also be what BBZ would call a deadly flaw in his game which will prevent him from ever making it at the top level. Don't think he has as low football IQ as Dembele (who OTOH had more talent at his age; and obviously world class speed which Ilias doesn't have) but probably not much higher either. At this point I'd say his ceilling is being a starter for a lower table/squad player for a midtable La Liga (or another top 5 league) team but a lot of things will have to go right for him to reach that level. Hopefully he'll prove me wrong though.

Either way, I'm looking forward to see him playing in some preseason games when he recovers from Covid.


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First goal good finish.

Second a pure GK fuck up.

Decent getting that first though as he doesnt produce nearly enough goals/assists so far.


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Wouldn't be surprised if he gets some first team minutes while Dembele is injured.

The RW position is a headache right now.


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I've seen lots of these wingers over the years whose final product just seems to develop later, in their early twenties, provided they have regular playing time. I think there is good hope for him.


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From what seen of him.. first touch can be erratic, dribbling is sensational, end product is poor too often although to be fair he does seem to chose the correct option often but just doesn quite execute it so not too far away.

Like his bravery to constantly get on ball and drive at opposition and doesnt seem nervous at all stepping up to B team.


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He has a talent with his dribbling style,the close control is something you don't see often, plenty of his type of player has turned into busts but also successes, as someone said above its contingent on his development of an end product and associate game

Ilias was mostly planned to play u19 football this year but the movement of Abde and Capellas interim brought him up, it looks like he may be staying with the B this season after the double.

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