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The Top - Rated Vacuum Cleaners

Technologies nowadays are developing significantly day by day. Many products are designed to enhance customers’ living standards. One of those is relatively essential to every household, providing us a clean house and a healthy lifestyle – vacuum cleaners. However, have you ever wondered how these vacuums were born? What motivation leads manufacturers to design and develop this wonderful thing? If your answer is yes, this article is here to help you. It’s not a tip or trick to solve your issues related to vacuum cleaners, just an entertaining and motivating story that could help you relax after a tiring day.

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Bissells is one of the most long-standing American brands – a big family-owned vacuum brand with a 140-year old. This brand was founded and developed by Melville R. Bissell in 1876.

The business history began with a simple start – a spilled Sawdust. In 1876, Bissell and his wife were running a crockery shop in Michigan. Being too tired of sweeping the dust off the shop’s carpet, they patented a sweeper. Witnessing the sweeper's convenience, their friends and customers started to ask to buy it, and that was how they invented their first product.


After catching Queen Victoria's attention, their ambition became bigger; thus, another product called carpet shampooer was rolled out and won an award one year later. At that time, they had a certain amount of fans and gained popularity in America; in the years to come, they continued to invent and roll out BISSELL Big Green Clean Machine, generating the first upright vacuum cleaner.

Bissell has become one of the best vacuum cleaners in the world
with various products such as canister vacuums and robot vacuums to bring the best service for customers. They gain many good vacuum cleaner reviews from users.


Carl Miele founded Miele in cooperation with Reinhard Zinkann in Germany in 1927, and it is still a family-owned company now. Miele’s first productions were butter churn, washing machine, and cream separator under Carl Miele's supervision, while Reinhard Zinkann was responsible for finance and sales, and marketing. In 1927, the first vacuum cleaner was produced, and an electric dishwasher was generated in the next two years.

At present, Miele is the only premium brand in the household appliance industry, offering five continents. They serve vacuum cleaners and have laundry systems, dishwashers, cooking products, etc.



Shark is one of the house-care brands that SharkNinja developed. Many people are wondering whether Shark and SharkNinja are the same company. The answer is both. In fact, SharkNinja is one of the house-care industry leaders and the creator of two household brands: Shark and Ninja. Therefore, Shark and Ninja are trademarks of SharkNinja.

By providing relatively innovative and highly functional products, Shark is trusted by customers and has become one of the leading companies in this sector. Their competitors include Miele, Bissell, Hoover, etc. What makes Shark become one of the best vacuum cleaner brands is that their products have all of the essential features, but they have affordable prices, such as long power cord, Crevice tool, HEPA filter, etc., with an average price from 200$ to 400$.

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Above is the history behind the development of the three most famous brands offering vacuum cleaners. Each has a different story, but their common aims are to focus on customers’ meeting: easy to use, friendly environment, and effective productivity. There are thousands of stories from other brands that you may be curious about. To know more, stay tuned, and we will come back with another interesting history.
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